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Cowboys Bar

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Cowboys Bar

Montana’s Cowboys Bar and Museum is a great place to check out more than 500 mementos from the cowboy days and relax in a log cabin from the 1930s. Items from rawhide rope, ox yokes, bayonets, spurs and so much more are on display for all to see.

The Cowboys Bar and Museum is owned by the Montana Cowboys Association, and we’re always looking for new members. If you’re interested in connecting with our rich cowboy heritage, we encourage you to call us or stop on by to learn more!

Western Bar in Great Falls, Montana


Pool Tables




Located Across from the Fairgrounds

We have Local and Imported Beer on Tap, Cocktails, Popular Domestics and Oven Baked Pizza

Beers on Tap

Cocktail Bar

Fresh Baked Pizza Great Falls

Oven Baked Pizza

Karaoke, & Dancing


Weekly Events

Open Every Day, 8am through 2am
There’s a lot going on at the Cowboys Bar!


Happy Hour
8-10 A.M.
& 5-7 P.M.

Well Vodka drinks



Happy Hour
8-10 A.M.
& 5-7 P.M.

Domestic Bottle & Can Beer



Happy Hour
8-10 A.M.
& 5-7 P.M.

Black Velvet



Happy Hour
8-10 A.M.
& 5-7 P.M.

16 oz Draft



Happy Hour
8-10 A.M.
& 5-7 P.M.




Happy Hour
8 A.M.
to 5 P.M.

Bloody Mary/Caesar



Happy Hour
8-10 A.M.
& 5-7 P.M.

Screw Ups


Cowboys Bar Gallery


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Take a look at our Google Business Reviews!

Excellent place to go and see some Cowboy history. Lots of old time Cowboy things. Good karaoke and music. Smaller dance floor. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable about different types and flavors of cocktails. Great place to go for history buff even if you don’t drink.


Excellent management, friendly servers,  plenty of parking.



The Cowboys Museum

Montana Cowboys Association

The Cowboys Museum is one of the many projects the Montana Cowboys Association has undertaken to perpetuate the historical importance of our Western heritage. Built in the late 1930s by the National Youth Administration and opened in 1941, the Cowboys Museum is an authentic log cabin with double fireplaces and replicas of hitching posts from Montana’s frontier days.

Inside, it’s filled with Old West relics. Actual items with which cowboys, stockmen, and pioneers worked with are on display, including rawhide rope, branding irons and ox yokes.

Other exhibits include a ladies intricately fashioned side-saddle, a trick rope saddle, numerous Indian artifacts and a Kimball reed organ, brought down river from St. Louis to Fort Benton, Montana in 1876.

Gun collectors will be in awe at the ages of some of the guns on display, including an old muzzleloading shotgun, a flintlock rifle, and Civil War bayonets.

The Cowboys Museum also has its share of famed exhibits: a pair of spurs given to Jack Kennedy in 1890 by Tom Horn (the subject of the Steve McQueen movie ‘Tom Horn’), a rivet set made by Kid Curry, local artist Charlie Russell’s black boots (curled from wear), Russell’s bed tarp and pictures of his funeral procession will capture visitors’ eyes. The list goes on and on with over 500 mementos of a romantic era in our nation’s history and an integral part of Montana’s past.


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